Improve the cost-in-use of your freshness, fortification, and clean labeling solutions with Delavau’s tailored ingredients and technologies.


Get the experience of a fresh-from-the-oven baked good to last even longer with Delavau’s Encore™ freshness technologies for ESL and eating experience.


Improve labels and nutrition with Delavau’s clean labeling and Accent™ calcium fortification solutions for baked goods, snacks, and sweets.


Building on decades of nutritional expertise, Delavau Food Partners makes it possible for foodservice and consumer brands to improve the eating experience, nutrition, and shelf life of baked goods, snacks, and sweets with our line of Encore and Accent ingredients.


Combining bakery and formulation know-how with a limitless toolbox of ingredients, we deliver smarter, fresher, better solutions that:

• improve the eating experience

• support clean label reformulation

fortify baked goods, sweet goods, and chocolate

extend shelf life

reduce sodium

• reduce waste and improve operational efficiencies

 Encore Plus™ 

For Dough Conditioning

encore_plus_logoWith Encore Plus™, we provide formula optimization tailored to suit your needs. Whether you seek a solution for dough strength and product softness, or a clean label alternative to a traditional dough conditioner, our team has the technical know-how and bakery expertise to provide a scalable solution. Through Encore Plus dough conditioning solutions, we help our partners overcome formulation challenges and deliver an ideal eating experience in muffins, breads, pizza, and more.


Achieve a clean label with Encore Plus and eliminate the following from your baked good’s formulation:


• L-cysteine

• Azodicarbonamide (ADA)


• Calcium sorbate

• Sodium metabisulfite

• Propionates

• Mono/Diglycerides

• Calcium peroxide

• Iodates



 Encore Fresh™ 

For Mold Inhibition

encore_fresh_logoWith Encore Fresh™, Delavau Food Partners delivers antimicrobial functionality that extends the shelf life of breads, sweet goods, and snacks. Encore Fresh has successfully extended the shelf life of a range of baked
goods—including extending the shelf life of pita from 10 to 21 days—delivering mold inhibition while maintaining a desirable eating experience.


Use Delavau’s Encore Fresh™ ingredients to extend shelf life in a variety of bakery applications, including:

• flatbreads

• doughnuts

• cakes

• rolls

• pizza dough

• bread

• and more


 Encore Soft™ 

For Anti-Staling

encore_soft_logoWith Encore Soft™ anti-staling ingredients, we help our partners achieve the ideal balance between good-tasting and long-lasting. Recognizing that a fresher eating experience is often accompanied by a need for an extended shelf life, we’ve developed Encore Soft AM™, which pairs anti-staling and antimicrobial solutions for extended freshness and shelf life for breads, cookies, cakes, and more.


Noteworthy successes include extending the freshness of a shelf-stable snack cake from 30 to 45 days and doubling the lifespan of a yeast-raised doughnut from 18 to 36 hours.



 Encore Strong™ 

For Dough Strength

encore_strong_logoEncore Strong™ ingredients improve gluten development for dough strength, volume, elasticity, and tolerance. Modifying the flour protein (gluten) to increase dough strength, Encore Strong can improve flour tolerance and oven spring. Whether accommodating for seasonal or process-related flour variability, or overcoming the challenges of working with whole grains, Encore Strong delivers unprecedented control over processing and product quality.



 Encore Relax™ 

For Extensibility

encore_relax_logoWhen a formula requires additional dough length or pan fill, Encore Relax™ allows for unprecedented control over processing and product quality. By breaking down flour protein (gluten), Encore Relax reduces elasticity, increases extensibility, and shortens mix times to optimize consistency and quality of the finished baked good.




For Fortification

accent_logoAccent™ fortification ingredients allow for brands to better their foods through fortification. With Accent, you can add an attractive label claim by incorporating calcium and other desirable minerals into baked goods, chocolate, compound coatings, and inclusions for breads, bars, snacks, and confections with little to no impact on the eating experience.


With our patented Accent fortification capabilities, we’ve delivered the same level of calcium as a glass of milk in a 6″ sandwich roll and have obtained good and excellent levels of calcium in flatbreads, tortillas, muffins, and loaf bread.